No two faces are precisely alike. Each face possesses a set of unique features that are meant to be illuminated, rather than wiped away. This is the belief that drives Tina Turnbow’s work as a makeup artist, and has made her one of the most sought after talents in the industry today. Tina is at the forefront of a generation of makeup artists who recognize that with an expansive palette and growing number of products to choose from, less can truly be more. As the past spokesperson for and a blogger for the New York Times, Tina has brought her modern aesthetic to an even wider audience, offering her expertise of over a decade working with the best photographers and designers in the business. As the daughter of a hairdresser and salon aesthetician on the shores of Lake Michigan, Tina developed an instinct and affection for an individual’s unique beauty at an early age.

Years spent sketching friends and family led her to the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago, where she focused on her love of painting and drawing before moving into cosmetics at the age of 24. Tina assisted such legends as Pat McGrath, Jeanine Lobell, and Lucia Pieroni through which she developed a versatile style that celebrates the strength of a woman’s face, the unusual and sometimes unexpected perfection of a nose, eyes, or lips. Her interest and passion for the environment and women’s health has led her to support green and eco-friendly cosmetics and skin care.

Currently a resident of downtown Manhattan, Tina’s Midwestern earthiness and generosity, with her unabashed love of film and fashion, is still reflected in her work: luminous, unpretentious, and bold. She has created looks for assorted publications and she has collaborated with a wide range of fashion photographers including Gilles Bensimon, Arthur Elgort, and Raymond Meier. Tina also continues to work with an ever expanding list of celebrities who have come to depend on her loyalty, honesty, and remarkable talent, including Keri Russell, Taylor Schilling, Marisa Tomei, Mary Louise Parker, Deborah Messing, Leslie Mann, Tracee Ellis Ross and Asia Kate Dillon among many others.

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