Eric Vosburg, originally from Gonzales, Louisiana saw his love for painting and drawing transcend canvas and paper at age fifteen when he fell in love with a new medium of art: makeup. Eric’s attraction to color and romanticism stems from the styles of artists like Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, and Gustav Klimt.  Eric is able to create a range of looks from the most dramatic to the ethereal and fresh. From the beginning his goal has been to use makeup in an empowering way, in a way that complements the individual wearing it. In the poetic style of Mrs. Vreeland, Eric enjoys celebrating the extremities that make us individuals: an elongated neck, a statuesque nose, or sole-like eyes.

At the age of nineteen Eric moved to New York City in order to pursue his career as a makeup artist. Now twenty-four, Eric has had the pleasure of working with many talented individuals in the fashion, film, and entertainment industries.


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