Crosby Carter is a beauty and fashion industry maven. With her soul deep rooted in rock and roll and spirit in architecture, Crosby knows what looks good, when it looks good, and all with just the right hint of attitude. She has designed careers for hair stylists, make-up artists, groomers, fashion stylists and tastemakers alike for two decades.

Both here and abroad, for over two decades Crosby’s talented network has touched camera, video, editorial, and social media campaigns for beauty, fashion, music, film, television and celebrity. From lashes to heels, she has done it all for her clients – Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Covergirl, Garnier, Redken, just to name some of the select few. “Choice talent is not only about their hand and eye but about their passion and personality.” Shaping her artists into brands in their own right, Crosby exceeds expectation and helps launch careers and merchants from obscurity to the red carpet.